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About PROUD - People Reaching Out Uniting Diversity

People Reaching Out Uniting Diversity (PROUD) works to end hate crime and discrimination by changing public attitudes, educating elected officials and expanding legal rights.

"Our mission is to stop hate crimes
and educate about their existence"

PROUD also promotes understanding of the connection between discrimination based on gender stereotypes and sex, sexual orientation, age, race, class.

Welcome from Arnold Garcia, Founder

Thanks for visiting our website, This is a great place to get the latest news, events and support on the struggle to end hate crimes.

PROUD is a Non-Profit Organization dedicated to the elimination of hate crimes. How? You might ask, let us tell you how.

First and foremost hate crimes exist, they happen every day around the world from the largest city to the smallest town. Acknowledgement that there’s a problem is a big part in future prevention. We need to know what is really going on in the cities and small towns. With our website we want to create a forum for victims to tell their story and receive help. In healing the wounds left by these crimes we can prevent self-destructive actions. The victim will know that their not alone in the experience of a hate crime, and, or in his/her feeling that occurs afterward. This is a key element in preventing future crimes because 

many perpetrators of hate are repeat offenders, and tend to work with at least one other individual. By creating a library of hate crimes victims could potentially solve their own crime and eliminate future one’s from even occurring by connecting cases within an area together.

With the creation of a 501C3 non-profit we will be able to help our sponsors by allowing their donations to be tax-deductible. Besides creating a network with different non-profits to help victims we will also be creating an outlet for artists. Our founder wrote a song directly relating to his hate crime and is now performing it throughout the nation. Many individuals have been victimized by hate and through their art they can turn it into something positive. We will be creating an outlet for positive music of any kind to be chosen and promoted with the profit going back into the non-profit for victim services around the world. In the future famous artists will wish to write and donate a song for the purpose of peace within our own nation. So take this to heart that “walking proud” is more than just a phrase it is a positive peace movement. To contact us about suggestions or to make a donation please visit our website

To read more about Arnold G Planet Out Interview

 I.A.P. / People Reaching Out Uniting Diversity is an IRS 501(C) (3) Public (3) Public charity..
Koop nu!



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